Introducing XR Sense

Enhancing real-world business with extended reality technology

XR Sense is a web-based platform that combines camera-enabled devices with a geographic information system.

Using situational awareness technologies, businesses can remotely connect with on-site staff in real time, to improve the safety and processes of day-to-day operations.


Our Vision

We know that XR (extended reality) can revolutionise the way a business operates. Our vision is to help our clients utilise these groundbreaking technologies, to meet – and exceed – their unique business needs.

Developed in collaboration with top industry partners, technical minds and leading business experts, XR Sense makes these innovative technologies reality.

Our Product

XR-Sense utilises situational awareness, machine vision (MV) and automated technologies to connect businesses remotely with on-site staff in real time.

XR Sense uses machine vision to automate low-complexity tasks, seamlessly incorporating the MV findings into a single operational view. This means frontline workers can capture key information autonomously, saving time and reducing their workload.

The powerful web-based platform combines camera-enabled, end-user devices, with highly accurate geographic information systems and our smart decision making engine.

The result: an intelligent, efficient and autonomous solution to achieving your most ambitious business goals.

Intelligence Technology

Our Partners

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